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Guess what another post this is a-mazing really truley amazing
Illegal Dumping
South Africa's Waste Management Services was not prepared for the sudden growth in population.
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Who Are We

GREEN NETWORK, established in 1993, is a formally constituted association of approximately 45 community-based organisations (CBO) located in the urban , peri-urban and rural environment of Pietermartsburg-Msunduzi and surrounding areas . Members include women groups ,youth groups ,environmental clubs ,agricultural clubs and a variety of other civic organisations .Although some members organisations are politically aligned , the network its self is apolitical

GREEN NETWORK ‘s aim is to provide platform for previously disadvantaged communities to ;

– Articulate their concerns about environmental and development issues that affect them

-Express a common vision for improved environmental conservation and socio-economic well being and

-Formulate and implement strategies that resolve concerns and optimise oppotunities


A clean and healthy living environment and sustainable green communities for all


To improve quality of life by creating and providing a platform for communities to articulate their environmental and developmental issues and find possible solution.


To rekindle and increase greater public awareness of environmental issues,
To initiate, support, promote and sustain projects which are environmentally sound.

To facilitate and co-ordinates information sharing and build a community accessible environmental resources.

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